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It’s Official: The New Website is Live

And so, it is here. The new website. The long-promised ‘enhanced user experience’ – with a cleaner design, streamlined navigation, and an uplifting new ethos. After looking, on many occasions, like we’d have had an easier task on our hands if we’d simply taken up posts as Brexit negotiators, the end product now sits gleaming on its new server, as if it spontaneously sprang into existence of its own accord.

But what made us do it in the first place? As Donald Duck would say, “What’s the big idea?”

There was certainly more to it than ‘let’s make the website look nicer’ (although, to be brutally honest, that was a key factor). What we really wanted was to revisit what we believe and what we have to offer as a company.

Our problem was this:

There are thousands of financial planning firms out there – some independent, some restricted, some Chartered, some not, some large, some small. Why exactly should someone pick us to help them unfog their financial future?

We knew we were great, but how were we to communicate that? Especially as everyone else seemed to be touting the same thing: the fact that they ‘put the client’s best interests first’.

Whoever heard of a financial planner whose core marketing message was that the client’s interests came second – right after the CEO’s interest in buying expensive watches? In our minds, client-centred service is the most basic requirement for a financial planner, not a badge of honour.

And so, back to the drawing board we went.

A number of insights emerged from this process, but the main one was this: We, as humans, don’t want products (in our case, pension plans, investment portfolios and the like).

We want the possibilities that those products can unlock.

It is, admittedly, very difficult to sell something as nebulous as ‘life’s possibilities’, but we realised that it’s a process that starts with a simple question:

What’s your story?

Old-school financial advisers tend to fall into the ‘diagnosis trap’. They see a series of technical problems to be solved, and the wider picture – the clients’ hopes and fears and other numerically unquantifiable information – as white noise that can be filtered out.

While this approach gets the job done (to a degree), it’ll leave you feeling only slightly more the wiser as to how your long-term future is going to look.

Our approach is different.

By starting with your story – your achievements, your priorities, your hopes for the future – we can go on to build a comprehensive strategy for creating your desired lifestyle.

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